• Horse riding holiday in unspoilt Andalusia for proficient riders.
  • Equestrian holidays in Spain.
  • Unspoilt countryside for horse riding holidays
  • Equestrian holiday in the Cadiz province in Spain.

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Horse Riding Holidays in Andalusia, Spain


Welcome To Our World In Barbate

24 December 2016

RIP Rick Parfitt one of the greatest rythem guitarists in the world, and founder member of Status Quo. One fantastic guitarist and one enduring band. I will be playing air guitar along with you tonight.

24 December 2016

We had some great visitor's today, these unusual birds are called Northern Bald Ibis and they are hopefully looking for somewhere suitable for breeding close by. Taken from the car with my phone so not a great picture.

5 December 2016

Holiday time now for the horses. Thanks for everyone's comments and concerns about the heavy rain. We have had lots but coping fine. I feel sorry for our friends and animal owners on the Costa del Sol, they are having it bad at the moment. Stay safe everyone, wherever you are

20 November 2016

Farruquito wearing his new rug. Thanks to Sealwood Saddlery for them, both fit perfectly.

10 November 2016

Denise enjoying her Birthday here in Spain, today riding Levante.

15 October 2016

A great way to end the week with a glass of Cava. Steve & I now have a couple of weeks rest, catching up with work around the farm and paper work. Thanks to all our lovely guests over the last few weeks, it's been great to meet new faces and catch up with people we know so well.

11 October 2016

Beautiful day for the beach.

7 October 2016

We had another couple of animals join us on the ride home. Karusso was very contented with his new friends.

29 September 2016

Another week whizzing by, riding with Ana, Chloe & Ciara with Elaine in Barbate writing her book. Looking forward to Jane & Cliff joining us for the beach ride.

20 September 2016

Great beach ride, followed by a swim & sunbathe in the afternoon with Abigail, Ali, Celia & Shelley.

19 September 2016

Celia bonding with Karusso.....

16 September 2016

We had all three of our new boys on the beach today. Here are Karusso & Romero, with Levante's ears in the foreground.

13 September 2016

Adrian & Doreen, our guests from Far & Ride, with Clara who is here on our 2 week holiday.

9 September 2016

Andrea enjoying her birthday, riding Cartujana on the beach today.

3 September 2016

Two of my favourite girls. Chocolate & Mariquilla.

2 September 2016

Great ride on Levante. Our non rider Phil, cycled to the beach to take photos. Here one of the beautiful Levante and me...!!!!

31 August 2016

Great day on the beach, lots of photos today but I have chosen the photo of Karusso.

30 August 2016

Great to be back at work, enjoying the riding with our first guests after our summer break.

26 August 2016

Farruquito & Karusso out today. Beautiful views of the town of Conil in the background.

23 August 2016

Chocolate & Karuso enjoying the ride. Vibe & Laerke are very colour coordinated.

18 August 2016

Collected our new minibus this afternoon and Looking forward to driving it.

17 August 2016

Great to have the company of three students from Sarah-Jane's riding with me this morning. Thanks Vibe, Laerke & Kristy.

21 July 2016

Another Great view looking down over Los Canos and Cape Trafalgar. A stunning couple of Grey's today, Barb riding Cortijera & Hannah on Levante.

20 July 2016

Time for a last minute holiday. Join us for our 2 week working holiday, 4th - 18th September, only £495 / 570 euros. Includes transfers. See our website.

19 July 2016

I had the pleasure of riding Cartujana today.

16 July 2016

Today is the day of St Carmen. This morning she has been paraded around the streets, tonight she will go out in a fishing boat to bless the sea & all the wonderful fish we have.

3 July 2016

A great photo from last night of our Music Festival here in Barbate.

1 July 2016

Barbate is rocking this evening with our first ever music festival, Cabo de Plata. We have a huge influx of youngsters here to enjoy three days & nights of music.

21 June 2016

We had a new arrival this morning. This little chap decided to join our herd. Suitable for small lightweight riders and easy to mount from the ground.... unfortunately his owner came to collect him later on this morning.

19 June 2016

Just said goodbye to another lovely group of ladies. Safe journeys home and hope to see you again next year. Great photo Suzy.

1 June 2016

First day of summer and it's a hot one...

27 May 2016

Splashing about in the sea.

26 April 2016

Lovely warm sunny day, perfect for the beach and Emily joined us for the day on Karuso.

4 April 2016

Caramela had her little operation to remove the calcium stone from her face. All is now well, big thanks to Pedro our vet.

1 April 2016

Amy and Cartujana enjoying the sea. It looks like crystals on the water from the sunshine.

27 March 2016

8 o'clock this evening, the sun is still shining and people enjoying the last evening of Easter. Summer is on its way.

20 March 2016

Jim enjoyed playing in the puddles from our rain showers today.

11 March 2016

We have James & Katherine riding with us this weekend and we took Delicado & Levante up to see the view point overlooking the lighthouse at Cape Trafalgar.

6 March 2016

Great Afternoon watching the show jumping with Kirsty, Ruth, Madeleine & Amanda.

25 February 2016

Our three new boys. Karuso, Delicado & Levante. After a ride last week, with Val & Therry helping out.

23 February 2016

Lovely sunny day, just perfect for the beach ride. Great day with Mark, Jessica & Sarah.

17 February 2016

Great day for the beach. I even got to ride the beautiful Caramela. Lovely day, thanks to Therry & Val.

12 February 2016

Carnival week. This morning was the parade though town and the weekend is for party's and fun.

3 February 2016

We welcome Delicado to our family.

3 February 2016

We welcome Karuso to our family.

3 February 2016

We welcome Levante to our family.

29 January 2016

Beautiful day in southern Spain. Check out our special offers for last minute holidays in February.

25 January 2016

Thank you for all my Birthday messages. I had a lovely day, cleaning my tack and enjoying the sunshine. I love a clean &tidy tackroom, don't you?

20 January 2016

Chocolate in her new rug. Not sure how long it will stay clean.

19 January 2016

Fed up with the cold weather? Join us for a two week working holiday. We have a special offer with £75 p/p off the cost of our February working holidays for 2 people booking together.

11 January 2016

The ultimate rebel and one of the very few heroes that I have had during my life. RIP David Bowie.